I start new classes for 7-10 year olds in the FALL.

I can sometimes work TRANSFER STUDENTS into my schedule.

Please fill out the contact form to find out availability.



                                                  My semester CALENDAR is similar to the school calendar.

                                                 There are private lessons offered throughout the SUMMER.

                                                           I teach six days a week - MONDAY to SATURDAY.



                                                         The FEE for the HOUR CLASS is based on $25 per class

                         with either 4 QUARTERLY PAYMENTS or 2 SEMESTER PAYMENTS per school year.

                                                             The SEMESTER RATE offers a 5% DISCOUNT.

                       If TWO or more IN A FAMILY are enrolled in classes, the rate is based on $24 per class.

                                                                  The FEE for PRIVATES LESSONS is:
                                                                                 30 minutes - $28.00
                                                                                 45 minutes - $42.00

                                                                                 60 minutes - $56.00

                                             The SEMESTER RATE also applies for PRIVATE LESSONS.