at Keyboard Music Works are offered in a classroom with top-of-the-line electric pianos featuring realistic touch and sound.  Students learn to play together using various sounds performing along with rhythms and impressive accompaniments.  No one sounds like a beginner!  In the group lessons:


are given to all Keyboard Music Works students.  All students take private lessons during the summer and a combination of group and private lessons during the school year.  The private lessons focus on their goals, preparing for recitals and performances throughout the year.  I truly enjoy the variety of students I work with and the different types of music they bring into my life. It's my job to introduce them to Classical music, but I am happy to experiment with the kinds of music they want to learn as well. I have students who:
  • Play high-level Classical repertoire.
  • Enter various competitions, moving up in levels each year.
  • Arrange familiar music as piano solos or as accompaniment for singers.
  • Compose their own music.
  • Enjoy jazz and learn to improvise.
  • Play piano for their school choirs, orchestras, jazz bands, or church groups.
  • Students are motivated by the ensemble experience and sounds on the electric pianos, sometimes sounding like an orchestra, a band, or jazz group...
  • Students receive the tools to be creative and learn from each other when we arrange or compose music.
  • Students learn from each other's mistakes and are inspired by each other's accomplishments.
  • Students become more comfortable performing when they experience various forms of group lessons.
  • Students are more driven to learn technic and understand music theory when they learn those concepts along with their peers.
  • Students become well-rounded musicians, able to play various styles of music, perform along with other musicians, and arrange or improvise.