My name is Christine Smith, or "Miss Chris" as my students call me.  I have taught piano for over 35 years.  I earned my Music Degree in Piano from Bowling Green State University.  After college, I studied with a prominent jazz instructor and expanded my musicianship beyond classical studies to improvising and composing.  I enjoy teaching all styles of music, and motivating students with the world of electronic keyboard instruments, as well as classical performances on my Steinway grand piano. I taught Yamaha Music classes for over 20 years, which features group lessons for children as young as 4.  That experience taught me the advantages of students learning from each other in a group lesson, and now that I teach in my home, I have created a course that mixes private and group experiences, creating a motivating environment for today's busy children to learn piano.  


provide many performance opportunities in a fun and rewarding atmosphere, along with a healthy spirit of interaction. Students who learn to play in a group naturally feel the beat and learn to play with other musicians.  They also use singing skills to help develop a good ear for music.  Group students have the potential of becoming more creative, as they learn ideas from each other when we arrange or compose.  And, they are motivated by their classmates accomplishments, all in an atmosphere that is nurturing, rewarding, and fun.  They become more comfortable with performing when learning with others as well.


are given to all Keyboard Music Works students.  All students are offered private lessons during the summer months and a combination of group and private lessons during the school year.  The private lessons focus on their own goals, preparing for recitals and performances throughout the year.  Some older students who practice well and have entered events for years do switch to private lessons only.